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New Aluminum Bottles Banner

Check out one of the banners we created. We’ll be coming out with some interesting new content for this new year – starting out with these little advertising banners.  This one was just launched and it directs to one of our pages on our website. We have a lot more planned new content so keep […]

Aluminumbottles.com at the 2012 World Perfumery Congress

We’re exhibiting at the 2012 World Perfumery Congress to be held in Connecticut in June. Aluminum bottles have long been recognized as superior packaging for preserving the volatile and expensive essences found in the most expensive perfumes.  We should know.  Our aluminum bottles are used to store those expensive essential oils used as primary ingredients […]

Aluminum Bottles vs. Steel Gallon Drums

I wanted to devote this post to our 1-gallon seamless aluminum bottle. Industrial aluminum bottles get very little attention but they play a huge, unheralded role in the storage and transport of the materials that are at the heart of end products like perfumes, vitamins, etc. The seamless aluminum bottle is an ideal alternative to […]

Aluminum Bottles for Hair Care

Niche, a Canadian manufacturer of premium hair care products, makes a compelling case for the use of aluminum bottles. Here’s their justification for the use of aluminum bottles, straight out of their website: ” So, why aluminum? Aluminum can be recycled endlessly, whereas even recyclable plastic has a limit to how many times it can be […]

Aluminum Advantages

There is a great article that I came across in the Aluminum in Transportation website that talks about the advantages of using aluminum in the transportation industry. We’re aluminum packaging people but many of the advantages the article points out are as relevant to packaging as they are to transportation.  I wanted to focus on […]

Coca-Cola Aluminum Bottles

I saw a really neat display of various generations of Coca-Cola aluminum bottles – a family portrait, so to speak.  This display was from a show in Atlanta that I attended.  I didn’t realize that Coca-Cola had so many designs for their aluminum bottle.  Of course some of these designs are limited production runs (which probably […]

Aluminum Bottles for DNA-Based Perfume

I’ve heard of personalized perfumes and personalized bottles but this product takes the cake. The My DNA Fragrance company creates individual fragrances using your DNA genetic code! They are kept in light-tight aluminum bottles and they recommend that they store them in temperatures of about 37-47 degrees Fahrenheit. Here’s how the company describes the process: […]

Aluminum Bottle Stove

There seems to be no limit to the uses of aluminum bottles. The YouTube clip below shows how to use an aluminum bottle as a stove! It’s well known that aluminum bottles can be used to store fuels and other hazardous materials. Using the bottle to actually burn fuel is certainly a creative twist! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLcBe3Aqmv0&feature=player_embedded#!]