Aluminum Industrial Bottle Type 4 – For Viscous Products

Consumer aluminum bottles typically get all the attention.  So for this post, we decided to focus on one of our less publicized, but very useful products – the Type 4 industrial aluminum bottle, designed for packaging viscous products.

Here’s how my online dictionary defines viscous:

Industrial Aluminum Bottle - Type 4 Viscous

Industrial Aluminum Bottle - Type 4 Viscous


: having or characterized by viscosity <viscous lava> 

Examples of VISCOUS

  1. <viscous syrup that takes forever to pour from a narrow-neck bottle>

It’s interesting how the dictionary uses very imprecise terms – “takes forever to pour from a narrow-neck bottle” – to explain the word.  But indeed it is the perfect description of the value of our Type 4 product which is a wide mouth aluminum bottle whose geometry, seamless structure and wide opening make for very easy pouring of viscous materials.  The Type 4 bottle has an inner neck of 2.67” and can take an LDPE plug or PP screw cap.  It comes in a range of sizes from 2.5L (85 oz) to 30L (1056 oz).

There are probably as many applications for the type 4 product as there are viscous products.  You can go to this page for an overview of our other aluminum bottles for viscous products.

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